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We change the way your
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and perceived

by understanding and predicting its impact

content needs value, content needs visibility

There is huge competition these days between media and entertainment for getting someone’s attention. In this daily flood of impressions your audience can only pay attention to content, that is easy to find and that has a high value for it. Due to our cutting edge natural language algorithms (NLU) we are able to gain both: findability and value for all your written and spoken content.


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Emotions are powerful: they build relationships, they are in charge to make decisions (before any rational thought kicks in), they create motives to interact with your ads, listen to your podcast or read your articles.

By matching content and emotion the user engagement can be driven up to 10x more effectively.




Make your content more findable
for your target group with smart metadata like
moodtags, keywords, topic classification.
The best NLU alogrithms are ready
to be tailored for your challenges and usecases:
from seamless API to easy-access SaaS.
Is your text understandable for your readers
and what kind of emotions are conveyed?
We help your content meets audience’s needs.
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